St Michael's Pastoral Care and Prayer Circles

At St Michael's we have a Pastoral Care system that aims to ensure that people who are sick, bereaved or otherwise in trouble, are visited and prayed for on a regular basis.


A team of seven organises and leads the Pastoral Care visitors, of whom there are currently fifteen members.  Some do not visit as such, but represent groups within St Michael's, such as Toddler Church.  We also have nine members who are Prayer Circle members who undertake to pray on a regular basis for anyone for whom prayer has been requested.  Requests come first to me or Ann Goddard, and then are passed on to the two circles, so that at any one time at least several people are praying specifically in response to these requests.

Pastoral Care visitors, Prayer Circle members and additionally eleven other members of the congregation alike, also undertake to pray throughout the year for between six and eight or so members of the community here at St Michael's, and in this way we hold before God everyone we know and love within our community.


Anyone who feels isolated, ill or otherwise confined to their home or indeed Nursing Home, is welcome to contact me (01823 274150, or you can do it on someone else's behalf with their permission), and I will try and ensure that someone visits or offers Home Communion until such time as the individual is able to return to Fellowship.  In the same way if you or someone you know (and they do not have to be members of St Michael's), who would like to be prayed for, please let me know brief details with their permission, and we will ensure that the prayer is followed up.


God bless you and all the Pastoral Care personnel.


Heather Bray


If you would like to speak to a priest, be visited by a member of the Pastoral Care Group or otherwise receive Prayer Ministry, please contact the Parish Office on 01823 332371.