Monthly Message

Well the big event will soon be upon us.  Many are frantically preparing.  All is at stake.  If we get it wrong, who knows what will happen!

Whether you are considering the ‘big event’ to be the Strictly final... the general election... or Christmas.

... All is at stake.

Let’s set the Strictly final aside however.  One or two of you may have money on the winner already, but other than that and a few potential exclamations on December the 14th, final night, of ‘They were robbed’, it’s not really that big a deal who wins or loses.

The 12th however and Election Day, is far more important.  More than any election in recent years, we as the public and voter are placing all of our hopes (whichever way we vote) for the nation’s future on the line.

An election during December and the season of Advent is unusual; this is only the fifth time since 1802! *  However inconvenient many feel it is, as it disturbs us during the ‘Season of good will’, it is mightily appropriate.  Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas and Christmas itself are never anything short of turbulent!

Neither are they without their political tale to tell.  Advent is precursed by The feast of Christ the King, when Christians the world over are reminded that All authority belongs to Jesus.  We are then reminded of the song that Mary sang ‘The Magnificat’, that the birth of the baby Messiah will turn the world upside down.  Now we all know that any baby, be it a human or animal can throw the world out of kilter, with their feeding schedules, sleep deprivation, need for comfort and security.

But as we approach Christmas, we are reminded that God in Jesus travelled to a world full of strife.  To live as an indigenous person under Roman rule.  We see that he served all people, but had particular regard for those in need, ‘the poor, the orphan, the widow and the alien’.  And challenged people to do the same.  He came to turbulent times to bring peace and goodwill, yes indeed.  But also to sit with us in our trials.

As election is upon us and Christmas is coming, we are assured that God too dwells with us, in our time of trial and uncertainty.

May you have a really blessed Christmas time.


* We have not even had an autumn/winter election since the two of 1974 (January and then again in November of that same year).