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Reflection - Blessing That Makes a Way for You

What I know is
that this blessing will begin
as soon as you set out.

That this blessing
will meet you
in every step.

That it is gladly
bound to you
and cannot do
without you.

That you are
part of the path
this blessing makes:
that it creates a way
not only for you
but through you
and in you,
that it finds its road
as you find yours.
I can hardly fathom
how it is
that this blessing
is already waiting for you
even as you fashion it,
step by faltering step.

But there it is,
in all its wending mystery.

So may you meet it
with courage.
May you enter it
with clarity.
May you walk it
with wisdom.
May you travel it
with joy.

May you come to it
not as one buffeted
by chance
but as one
who has chosen.
Uncertain, perhaps;
unready, perhaps;
but this path.
This one.
With abandon.
Jan Richardson 
Circle of Grace:
A Book of Blessings for the Seasons

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