Home Groups

Across the parish our home groups meet in people’s homes.


Each group is different; most select a course of Bible study or topic (York, CWR Courses, as well as in-house topics) with guide booklets, DVDs or CDs and discuss the course notes trying to relate them to contemporary culture.  Each group meets together to pray, worship or discuss and each supports one another in their spiritual journey.


If this style of Bible study interests you, contact one of the leaders.


Mutual care and support within each group is important and most will, in addition to their studies, enjoy social time together.  This then becomes a first line in support for each other in parish life.  Anyone who feels that they would enjoy such a group is very welcome and can contact the leader of one of the groups listed.

Our Home Group led by Ann Goddard

We call ourselves the original St Michael’s Home Group as one way or another we have been around for over 40 years

Meet: Alternate Mondays from 7.30 pm.

Where: Usually in the home of Helen & David Clegg.

What: Our group has been meeting for well over 35 years, although members have changed inevitably as people move on. Nevertheless we still have three members who have been with the group for all or most of that time. Over the past year or so we have used York Courses including Glimpses of God, watched and discussed The Wintershall play The Life of Christ, and studied The Letters of John, Women in the Bible and The Disciples.

Sometimes our group use in-house topics planned and led by members, sometimes prepared Home Group courses, DVDs or CDs. We try to have at least two social occasions during the year and hope that our Fellowship is both stimulating and supportive to one another.

We welcome enquiries from anyone who might like to join us.